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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

74 - THE 24 EVENT Featuring ZENTRO & ₣*cĸıng Ŋıŋjas

Chrome Midal from Zentro sent me few tattoos that will be at THE 24 EVENT, I chooses to wear Faith Unisex, this tattoo is exlusive to The 24!

Doll Galthie from  ₣*cĸıng Ŋıŋjas also sent me some poses and the one you see on my post are Show off & Everything Nice.

Skin: Sandra from Meghindo's  (Creator: (meghindo romano)

Shape: My own

Makeup: Hippie Makeups from MONS (Creator:  Ekilem Melodie)

Hair: No. 13'13 - Light Ash Brown from (red) Mint (Creator: Mondi Schulze)

Tattoo: Faith Unisex Tattoo from [ZENTRO] (Creator; Chrome Midal) The 24 Exclusive

Bra & Panties: Cady Studded from R3VOLT (Creator: Gensa Jameson) coming with huds for changing colors --- so cool

Nails: Military Hand , Pointed Nails from UtopiaH (Creator: (petiita blackbart)

Bracelet: owl bracelet from erratic (Creator: Erratic Rain)

Ring: Emerald Cut Ring from [glow] studio (Creator: anemysk karu)

Shoes: Ultra Translucent Pumps Black from ryvolter (Creator: Inna Bilavio)

Poses: from  ₣*cĸıng Ŋıŋjas (Creator: Doll Galthie) you can find those at THE 24 Event

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