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Monday, April 29, 2013

18 For American Bazaar

Skin: Nat from Akeruka Manuela (Creator: Agony Helse) at TDR

Hair: Demi from Truth (Creator: TRUTH HAWKS)

Dress: Lorjo Dress Gold by American Bazaar (Creator: missqwerty pevensey)
AB is participating in the You've Been Tangoed Hunt
April 29th - May 27th 
3 other colors are available in mainstore!

Glasses: Santiago Chain Shades Black by [Co57] (Creator: mzevienoir) at fi*Friday and The Promenade featuring The R'Cade

Necklace: Angelica by [F]oil (Creator: mrforever) at fi*Friday and The Promenade featuring The R'Cade

Bangle Right: Eleanor bangle Gold by LaGyo (Creator: gyorgyna.larnia) At TDR

Watch : Boyfriend`s Watch by [ glow ] studio (Creator: jocelyn anatine)

Nails: Chanel Claw by ChicZafari (Creator: jonyaranda)
Earrings: Chanel Feather by Chic Zafari (Creator: jonyaranda)

Right hand Ring: Pyramid Ring Gold by BenS Beauty (Creator: snow martiel) at fi*Friday and The Promenade featuring The R'Cade

Purse:  Ladylike Bag by welldone.atelier (Creator: Kere Millar) at SL Fashion Week

Shoes: Stay cool model by BSD Design Studio (Creator: BabyChampagne Sass) at SL Fashion Week

Friday, April 26, 2013


Skin: Petal by the body co. (Creator: thebodyco)

Shape: KIMI bodyshape by Sophistishapes (Creator: sophia rossen)

Hair:  Emeli by LeLutka (Creator: Thora Charron)

Dress: Anarch by GizzA (Creator: Giz Seorn)

Boots: Spike Boots Secret Senses Black by Tara (Creator: May Vayandar)

Nails: Chanel Claw by ChicZafari (Creator: jonyaranda)
Earrings: Chanel Feather by Chic Zafari (Creator: jonyaranda)

Right Hand ring: The life Ring by 7891 (Creator: l3ighl33)

Left Hand ring: Athena solitaire ring by Bens Beauty (Creator: snow.martiel)

Watch: watch 001 gem by A:B (Creator: IceMoon Lee)

Necklace: Arada Necklace by 7891 (Creator: l3ighl33)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Skin: Milane Butter-Georgous Lips by Pink Cherry (Creator: crusher mills) at Designer Circle

Hair: faith by Miss C. (Creator: DjAngeI Fallen) at fi*Friday and the promenade featuring the R'Cade

Jewlry: Grapa darkness by Finesmith (Creator: yula Finesmith) at The Couturiers Docks

Nails: French Nails by R.icielli (Creator: fhara acacia)

Ring: Fly Little Bird Ring (previous hunt) by Magic Nook (Creator: Ayumi Cassini)

Dress: Kalli minidress/naked by R.icielli (Creator: fhara acacia) at zanze

Keys: Handkeys (Frog) by Gizza (Creator: Giz Seorn)

Shoes: G-Inspiration by E-Clipse (Creator: thetra blackheart) at L'accessoires

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Skin: birgit tone2 by la petite morte at Genre (Creator: Voshie paine)

Hair: C407 by tram ( Creator: moca loup)

Eyeslashes: Cher lashes by ZsaZsa's (Creator: ZsaZsa Withnail)

Earings: Multi chain heart earring by [F]oil (Creator: mrforever) at Soho Sample Sale

Watch: SAMARA by Donna Flora (Creator: Squinternet Larnia)

Shades: Pearl Victoria's Shades by ChicZafari (Creator: ilanmarfil)

Nails: French nails by R.icielli (Creator: fhara acacia)

Bag: Yuse by R.icielli (Creator: fhara acacia)

Dress: Posh Dress by Bowtique (Creator: Jellyroll)

Shoes: lean pumps by Baiastice (Creator: Sissy Pessoa)

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Skin: Bella Skin by FAKE (Creator: bonnie forder)

Hair: Lucy Wet by CaTwa (Creator: catwa clip)

Tattoo: La novia by La Malvada Mujer ( Creator: faina cortes)

Nails: Military Hand by UtopiaH (Creator: petiita blackbart) at Perfect Wardrobe

Bikini: Zara Mesh Bikini by SHEY (comes with hud to change textures) -(Creator: Cuba Avedon)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


skin: Pepina from Modish - Group Gift (Creator: ele brandi)

Lipstick: Kokeshi with teeth from Fishy Strawberry (Creator: Fae Eriksen)

Hair: Gisele Loose Bangs from LaViere (Creator: azure electricteeth)  at Collabor

Ring: Fly Little Bird Ring from Magic Nook (Creator: Ayumi Cassini)

Earring and necklace from Mashooka (Creator: Aradhana Voight) On Marketplace

Nails: Mesh Stiletto Nails Delicate from Action (Creator: (marilynmonroe munro) at Cosmetic Fair

Top : Skyla Ruffle Sleeve Tank from Tee*fy (Creator: azure electricteeth)

Skirt: Day trip skirt from Le Poppycock (Creator: Olivia Lalonde)

Feet: Sensation BareFeet from TaraShoes (Creator: May Vayandar)

Monday, April 15, 2013


                                                        Pictures taken at my little piece of land

Skin: Lotus east from Modish ( Creator: ele brandi) Gift at Kawai Fair

Hair: Elisha from Truth (Creator: Truth Hawks)

Hat: My Western Hat from Monso (Creator: Morphine Janick)

Top: Sassy Sez from Sassy (Creator: Ivy Burner) from Gacha Carnival

Overall: My Overall by Monso (Creator: Morphine Janick)

Bracelet:  Phoebe ~Piercings & more (Creator: Phoebe Ubert) on Marketplace

Horse from Focus (Creator: carol kling) on Marketplace

Monday, April 8, 2013


Skin: Bella Skin - FAKE (Creator: bonnie forde)

Hair: Crys - Truth (Creator: Truth Hawks)

Shades: Aviator Classic - Z O O M ( Creator: Jonas Acanthus)

Earings: Diamond Heart Earrings - RYCA - (Creator: Ryca Doobie)

Rings: Broche Ring - Pepper ( Creator: Danni Pfeffer)

Belt: Chunky Belt - Pepper ( Creator: Danni Pfeffer)

Top: Lick Me vinyl halter - Sassy ( Creator : Ivy Burner)

Skirt: Mini Skirt leather - FANATIK (Creator: michell tomsen

Boots: Overknees Roxanne - KL (Creator: Babette Ultsch)