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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Gaelleminois owner and creator of Hyperion Creations is creating some really nice shoes, you'll want to have them in your wardrobe. They can fit with a lot of looks, feminine, classy thats how I discribed them! They are really well done with details and watch out for future creations!
You can find them at Hyperion Creations Mainstore or on Marketplace.
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AB's Power of 3! Hunt (ABPO3)

AMERICAN BAZAAR is turning 3 in September of 2013.

With this amazing anniversary coming up we are planning a big celebration for 3 years running and going strong! With this said Missy would like YOU to be involved in her big celebration of 3 years!

We are having a FREE HUNT on the AMERICAN BAZAAR and Belita sims with over 50 Designers that put out an item with a hint. All the info about the hunt can be found on the blog at:


AMERICAN BAZAAR is also thrilled to announce its first photo contest in celebration for 3 years Birthday! There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes for the Winners and Missy (the owner of AB) and Deanna will pick them the last week of September!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

81 - ABP03 - LMD & MUKA

My friend Wild and I decided to blog the same dress but with each our own style for details on Wild's look go on her blog called A view on my inventory

Skin: Sandra from {Meghindo's  (Creator: (meghindo romano)

Shape: Freebie shape from My Uglydorothy (Creator: Sopha Portal)

Eyelashes: Eyelash J curl Fluffy V13  Carnival Queen from Angel Rock (Creator: Anzhela Karsin)

Hair: F3/shaved/ in Natural Fades from Liquence (Creator: Villena Swansen)

Hair Flower:  Fancy Pants Hair Flower from Clawtooth (Creator: Bubbles Clawtooth)

Earrings: Odd Beauty from Mon Cheri (Creator: Freya Olivieri) for Homeless Hunt

Dress: Kaitie Dress AB's Power of 3 from Leri Miles Designs (Creator: Leri Miles)

Bangle: Bracelet ABPO3 Gold from MUKA (Creator: muka release)

Shoes: SHARON 1.3 from HYPERION CREATION  Marketplace (Creator: gaelleminois) I Love those Shoes!! Merci gaelle:)

Both Photos were taken using LUMIPRO

80 - Back To School Look

Skin:  Maria skin *Soleil dark* Sugar From Essences (Creator: Inka Mexicola)

Shape: Freebie Shape from *MY UGLYDOROTHY (Creator: Sopha Portal)

Hair: F3/shaved/ in Natural Fades from . Liquence . (Creator: (villena swansen)

Hat: Flatcap - Brown* from Loki (Creator: Loki Eliot)

Bag: Mini Crossbody Bag from Tee*fy (Creator: azure electricteeth) Gatcha

Jewellry: Cycle dans la Chocolaterie from Purple Moon (Creator: Poulet Koenkamp)

Top:  Blazer with T-shirt from Overhigh (Creator: marry lemur)

Pants: Metallic Pants from Overhigh (Creator: marry lemur)

Boots: Siberia from Leverocci (Creator: Jin Elfan)

Monday, August 26, 2013


Skin: Sandra from  {Meghindo's  (Creator: (meghindo romano)

Shape: Freebie Shape from *MY UGLYDOROTHY (Creator: Sopha Portal)

Hair: NAWIA from eXxEsS (Creator: Layja Vidor)

Eyelashes:  J curl Fluffy V13  Carnival Queen from Angel Rock (Creator: Anzhela Karsin)

Top: Sexy India Top Gold from American Bazaar (Creator: Missqwerty Pevensey) at Boobies Show  NEW!

Skirt: Grecian Skirt Tan from ::LC:: (Creator: Pinky Chrome) at SL Fashion Week

Bodychain: Orion Goddess from Illmatic (Creator: Kaiden Trill)

Tattoo, Headband, bracelets, anklets, gloves part of Nudzahui from Soedara (Creator: marbella pronovost)

Sunday, August 25, 2013



Skin: Sandra from {Meghindo's} (Creator: meghindo romano)

Shape: Julia from Clef de Peau (Creator:Marcopol Oh) at THE 24

Hair: Starfruit from little bones (Creator: nova.faerye) at SL Fashion Week

Dress: Saturday Dress from MARSHMALLOWS (Creator; RoMy Dash) at Designer Circle

Shoes: Ulla Translucent Pump from .: ryvolter :. (Creator: Inna Bilavio)

Nails: Military hands - Pointed nails from -UtopiaH- (Creator: petiita blackbart)

Necklace: Marilyn Pearls from DECO at Collabor88

Earrings: EARRING HOOP DCB PLATINUM from RYCA (Creator: Ryca Doobie)

Ring right hand:  Massive Diamonds ring from Finesmith (Creator: yula Finesmith) Previous Hunt item

Ring left hand: Athena solitaire ring from Bens Beauty (Creator: Snow Martiel)

I've used Lumipro hud created by Stefan Buscaylet for these pictures, i'm a beginner to use it but it look really fun so much things you do with it !So you'll see me use it often for the following pictures.

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Another fabulous dress from Liv Glam called Somthing Stupid (Creator: samanthasjones) and the poses are from WETCAT ( Creator: wetcat Flux) called Blow Smoke Props

You will find so many other creations from both of them at THE 24!


Hello are you ready for THE 24 its coming very soon, in less than 1 day!
Today ill show you the K Collection Mirrors Dress from Liv Glam (Creator:samanthasjones) and the new pose with the crow shoulder from WETCAT (Creator: wetcat Flux) all those you can get them at THE 24!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Victoria Grau owner & designer of VG Shoes sent me Night Blossom dresses that will be int the gatcha items, and the limited VG Chic Pumps and Bag all this will be at THE 24 EVENT!

Skin, Shape & Makeup: Julia from Clef de Peau (Creator: Marco Oh) at THE 24 EVENT coming soon

Hair: Emilia from PELLE (Creator: morgana direwytch)

Necklace: Frida Necklace from [7891.] (Creator: l3ighl33)

Watch: Boyfriends Watch from [ glow ] studio (Creator: jocelyn anatine)

Bracelet:  Parlour Bracelet from .Thing

Rings: Athena solitaire ring gold from ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. (Creator: Snow Martiel)
          The Life Ring - Gold from [7891.] (Creator: l3ighl33)
          Sasha ring gold from LaGyo (Creator: gyorgyna larnia)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

74 - THE 24 EVENT Featuring ZENTRO & ₣*cĸıng Ŋıŋjas

Chrome Midal from Zentro sent me few tattoos that will be at THE 24 EVENT, I chooses to wear Faith Unisex, this tattoo is exlusive to The 24!

Doll Galthie from  ₣*cĸıng Ŋıŋjas also sent me some poses and the one you see on my post are Show off & Everything Nice.

Skin: Sandra from Meghindo's  (Creator: (meghindo romano)

Shape: My own

Makeup: Hippie Makeups from MONS (Creator:  Ekilem Melodie)

Hair: No. 13'13 - Light Ash Brown from (red) Mint (Creator: Mondi Schulze)

Tattoo: Faith Unisex Tattoo from [ZENTRO] (Creator; Chrome Midal) The 24 Exclusive

Bra & Panties: Cady Studded from R3VOLT (Creator: Gensa Jameson) coming with huds for changing colors --- so cool

Nails: Military Hand , Pointed Nails from UtopiaH (Creator: (petiita blackbart)

Bracelet: owl bracelet from erratic (Creator: Erratic Rain)

Ring: Emerald Cut Ring from [glow] studio (Creator: anemysk karu)

Shoes: Ultra Translucent Pumps Black from ryvolter (Creator: Inna Bilavio)

Poses: from  ₣*cĸıng Ŋıŋjas (Creator: Doll Galthie) you can find those at THE 24 Event

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Boho Culture Fair 2013

 I will blog for the Boho Culture Fair II 2013. For more infos on this event follow this
 link -->http://thebohoculturefair.wix.com/home

What does Boho means? I looked on the net and found this discription:
Boho is short for bohemian. Boho are similar to hippie looks: long flowing or tiered skirts, ethnic touches like tunics or wood jewelry, embellishment with beading or spangles, fringed handbags, jewelled or embellished flat sandals. The look is often layered and colorful.

73 - ILAYA

Skin: Yndra (Beach) from Modish (Creator: Ele Brandi) for THE 24 Event

Shape: Julia Shape #1 from Clef de Peau (Creator: Marcopol Oh) for THE 24 Event

Eyelashes: Flourished top eyelashes from Pink Acid (Creator: Stasey Oller)

Top: Short Tank from ILAYA (Creator: Ilaya Allen) at Stuff in Stock

Bra: So Mint Lingerie from Juicy Box (Creator: (jossy haiku)

Pants: raxxle pleated pants from ISON (Creator: Harry Hyx) at Collabor 88

Hair: Layla Type A from D!va (Creator: Marisa Kira) at Collabor 88

Earrings & Necklace: Flower drop set from [glow] studio (Creator: Jocelyn anatine) at Collabor88

Bracelet: My Squared Diams Bracelet from La Penderie de Nicole (Creator: Marcopol Oh)

Ring: Sasha ring from LaGyo (Creator: gyorgyna larnia)

Shoes: DORO from Redgrave (Creator; Emilia Redgrave)


Hello! Ele Brandi from Modish sent me YNDRA Skin for The 24 Event. Yndra is coming in 5 tones,For this post  I am wearing Yndra (Beach) with Face&Body  Enhancement Frekles Face+Upper. You will also find 11 Face & Body Enhancement for this skin.

The 24 EVENT coming August 23rd-31st. For infos follow this link-->http://sirenproductionsl.com/

Event Acticiry Calendar

Sunday, August 18, 2013

71 - THE 24 EVENT Featuring Julia from Clef de Peau

Hello! This is my 1st post for THE 24 Event. Marcopol Oh from Clef de Peau (La Penderie de Nicole) sent me this new skin called Julia. There was 3 shapes coming with Julia but i choosed Julia Shape 1. Julia comes with 5 skins tones and with so many makeups, lipsticks to choose from (see above few Makeups example from Julia), also Slink Avatar Enhancement -HUD for Hands, Lashes Enhancer, Freckles and Moles etc....

The 24 Events coming August 23rd-31st, 2013 for more infos follow this link> http://sirenproductionsl.com/

Event Activity Calendar

Saturday, August 17, 2013


Shape: Katina from ::mar:: (Creator: (marietta washborne) for Homeless Awareness Hunt

Skin: Sash Bittersweet 01 from Essences (Creator: Inka Mexicola) at TDR

Top: Backdrop Strips Shirt from MARSHMALLOWS (Creator: RoMy Dash) NEW!

Pants: Bombshell Capris from DRIFT (Creator: Kallisto Destiny) at TDR

Hair: Hair No.09/13 - Wine Red from (RED) MINT (Creator: Moni Schulze)

Glasses: Inside me Glasses from [glow] studio (Creator: Linka Demina) at TDR

Watch: Awkward Dolly Watch from *faun by Marc (Creator: (explicitfame) at SL Fashion Week

Nails: Crackle Nails Blue from {*I <3 FashiOn*} (Creator: PaTTy90 Paule at the Fi*Friday

Shoes: YAFI Elegance Shoes from TARAshoes (Creator: May Vayandar)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Singer Icon Fair 2 - 2013

Hello all I will be blogging the Singer Icon Fair 2, this event will be held from November 11 to Nov 30th
For more informations please follow this link -----> http://singericonfair2.jimdo.com/

Thursday, August 15, 2013


You can get a Camping Set Camouflage from HCC (Creator: Heavenly Canucci) for Homeless Awareness Hunt and the Homeless Hunt Gift at Mental Health Awareness Retreat

Skin & Shpae: Katina from ::mar:: (Creator: (marietta washborne) for Homeless Awareness Hunt

Freckles: Crystlas from IT GIRLS (Creator: Annie Jolifaunt)

Tattoo: Eagle tattoo from [ZENTRO] (Creator: Chrome Midal) for Homeless Awareness Hunt

Top: Dirty Shirt from (W&R) (Creator: Almarea Firehawk) for Homeless Awareness Hunt

Pants: Leggy Shorts from ToXiC HiGh (Creator: orgasma dimsum) for Homeless Awareness Hunt

Bracelet: Urban Bracelet from TEMPESTUOUS (Creator: Tempest Jewel) for Homeless Awareness Hunt

Necklace: Hope Necklace for Her from :Sugar: (Creator: Iokko Molko) for Homeless Awareness Hunt

Earrings: Odd Beauty from Mon Cheri (Creator: Freya Olivieri) for Homeless Awareness Hunt

Boots: Showdown Boots from DECO (Creator: GutterBlood Spoonhammer) previous Fifty Linden Fridays

Hair: No.07'13 dark blonds from (RED) MINT (Creator: Moni Schulze)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

68 - ILAYA

     Poses from ILAYA at Black Fair

Skin: Giselle skin from CASHMERE (Creator: Gianni Broda)

Shape: My own

Hair: Glamorous from Exile (Creator; Kavar Cleanslate)

Nails: Nail 18 Model Square from Quintessencia (Creator; aleehssandra moonites)

Necklace: Fashion Camera Necklace from {*I <3FashiOn*} (Creator: PaTTy90 Paule)

Top: Shirt with lace from ILAYA Marketplace (Creator:  Ilaya Allen) at The Black Fair

Pants: Ladies Liquied Metallic Jeans Gold from AURA BLUE (Creator: bluedevil Sahara)

Shoes: Apocalyptic Mesh  Studded Black Boots from !(A(D (Creator: lilalasia ansia)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mental Awareness Hunt

For a good cause... I am sure that someone that you know is having some kind of mental health so please take a few minutes of your time to participate in this fabulous hunt. You will find some great prices done by talented creators around second life.

Pour une bonne cause.... surement quelqu'un de votre entourage de pret ou de loin subi d'une certaine maniere des problemes de sante mentale. Je vous invite a participer a une chasse (hunt), vous y trouverer de tres belles creations fait par des createurs de second life.

Informations <----

Saby XxX

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


     Pose: Simple Man Model 6 from Saal (Creator: saalstore) at SHE & HIM Event
     Poses: Class & Delicate from Le Poppycock (Creator: Olivia Lalonde) at SHE & HIM Event

Skin: Lana Skin from Belleza (Creator: Tricky Boucher)

Shape: Evona from .:Panda Punx:. Body Shop (Creator: Lluna Nitely)

Eyelashes: Pencil Eyeliner Top Eye & Gothica Bottom Eyelashes from Pink Acid (Creator: Stasey Oller)

Lipstick: Kokeshi Makeup from Fishy Strawberry (Creator: Fae Eriksen)

Tattoo: Body stamp native 07 from ASO! (Creator: menieelee gelles) at The Chapter Four

Dress: Lady Dress Flower from Marshmallows (Creator: Romy Dash)at Designer Circle

Ring: PAPAYA  from LOULOU&CO (creator: (lolly carlberg) at SHE & HIM Event

Shoes: 69 Mary Janes from ANATOMY (Creator: (bella szentmartony) at room69

Monday, August 5, 2013


Poses: from Le Poppycock (Creator: Olivia Lalonde) at SHE & HIM Event

Skin: Sandra from {Meghindo's} (Creator: meghindo romano)

Shape: Crystal from IT GIRLS (creator: Annie Jolifaunt)

Tattoo: Maori tatttoo from [ZENTRO] (Creator: Chrome Midal) att SHE & HIM Event

Hair: Milano from Vanity Hair (Creator: Tabata Jewell)

Top & Skirt: Circle Top & skirt from ::Marshmallows:: (Creator: RoMy Dash) at Designer Circle

Earrings: .NaNah.- Valjean.  at Thing (Creator: Nheria)

Bag, Bracelets & Ring from [Modern.Couture] (Creator: Donatela Couturier) at SHE & HIM Event

Shoes: Wedge Sandals from Kitties Lair (Creator: Babette Ultsch)


Poses: from Le Poppycock (Creator: Olivia Lalonde) at SHE & HIM Event

Skin: Sandra from {Meghindo's} (Creator: meghindo romano)

Shape: Crystal from IT GIRLS (creator: Annie Jolifaunt)

Eyes: Gem Eyes - Blue from [Crash Republic]  Marketplace (Creator: Isabelle Requiem) at SHE & HIM Event

Tattoo: Only God can judge me from [boss] (Creator: Ronny Bekes) at SHE & HIM Event

Hair: Iggy Braid from Fonde Hair (Creator: Oshean)

Haibase: Part of Black curly fro from Likeli (Creator: Likeli)

Sunglasses: Swank Glasses from DECO 

Ring: PAPAYA from LOULOU&CO (creator: (lolly carlberg) at SHE & HIM Event

Earrings: The Plastique Earrings from Dirty Mind (Creator: tristion paine) at SHE & HIM Event

Bag: reasure Chest [Grafitti] from  ::LC:: (Creator: Pinky Chrome) at SHE & HIM Event

Dress: Metallic Vamp Collection  spiked Dress from MoDANNA (Creator: Lisanna lauria) at SHE & HIM Event

Boots: SAXA from SeVered GarDeN (Creator: Berta Avro)

Sunday, August 4, 2013


Poses: Sexy Bitch & Simple Male from SAAL (Creator: saalstore) at SHE & HIM Event

Skin: Crystal from IT GIRLS (creator: Annie Jolifaunt)

Shape: Gabriela , c'est moi from Le Poppycock (Creator: Olivia Lalonde)

Tatttoo: Beautiful tattoo from Bubblesqueen (Creator: Naniii Bubble) at SHE & HIM Event

Necklace & ring: PAPAYA from LOULOU&CO (creator: (lolly carlberg) at SHE & HIM Event

Top: My Fishnet Top White from Mes Sucreries (Creator: Maelynda) at SHE & HIM Event

Outfit: Xsese (Blazer & panty) Onyx from {ViSion} - S&F (Creator: pjey Pearl) at SHE & HIM Event

Shoes: Hussy Spike Pump from Tara Shoes (Creator: May Vayandar)


        Pose: Kiera from Purple Poses (Creator: audrey guter) at SHE & HIM Event

       Pose: Tata from .[ pose+ivity ] (Creator: Meccaa) at SHE & HIM Event

Skin: Sandra from {Meghindo's} (Creator: meghindo romano)

Shape: Gabriela , c'est moi from Le Poppycock (Creator: Olivia Lalonde)

Tatttoo: Beautiful tattoo from Bubblesqueen (Creator: Naniii Bubble) at SHE & HIM Event

Necklace: Azah Necklace from Pure Poison (Creator: Shaleene Kenin) at SHE & HIM Event

Hair: Scarlett from =DeLa*=  (Creator: Kuranosuke Kamachi)

Top: Fishnet Top Black from Mes Sucreries (Creator: Maelynda) at SHE & HIM Event

Jeans: Kyle Loose Jeans Blue from American Bazaar (Creator: Missqwerty Pevensey) at SHE & HIM Event

Shoes: Blash Black & Grey from Balkanik (Creator: ZlatanBLK Djannovic)


Skin: Sandra from {Meghindo's} (Creator: meghindo romano)

Shape: Crystal from IT GIRLS (Creator: Annie Jolifaunt)

Face Paint: War Paint 1 from ::Modish:: (Creator: Ele Brandi) at SHE & HIM Event

Hair: Nipsey Braids Blonde from Unorthodox (Creator: Tonio Harmison) at fi*Friday

Tattoo: Sweet Sacrifice from [boss] (Creator: Ronny Bekes) at SHE & HIM Event

Jumper: 90s Grey Denim Jumper from Paperbag (Creator: (kex blackheart) at SHE & HIM Event

Watch: Paid Watch Set - Gold from [7891.] (Creator: l3ighl33) at fi*Friday

Bracelets: Pety Unisex Bracelets from Pure Poison (creator: Shaleene Kenin)

Nails: Perfect Hand - Long Nails from Mstyle (Creator: Mikee Mokeev)

Boots: Studded Long Boots from J's (Creator: JB Gazov)

Poses: Prissy from .[ pose+ivity ].  (creator:  meccaa

Saturday, August 3, 2013

61 - SHE & HIM AUGUST Event

Skin: Barbara Nat from Akeruka (Creator: Agony Helse) at TDR Fuion

Shape: Shape: Crystal from IT GIRLS (Creator: Annie Jolifaunt)

Hair: Lemonade from LoQ Hair (Creator: Gia Pawpad) at TDR Fusion

Tattoo: Egyptian 3 tattoo from [ZENTRO] (Creator: Chrome Midal) att SHE & HIM Event

Vest: Long Camo Sleeveless Vest from {dollle*} (Creator: CrystalDoll Lemon) at SHE & HIM Event

Pants: Kigen mesh skinny black nuit from ARISKEA (Creator: Diaxm) at SHE & HIM Event

Bag: Treasure Chest [crying girl) from ::LC:: (Creator: Pinky Chrome) at SHE & HIM Event

Earing: SENJYU earrings from [Mandala] Creator: kikunosuke eel)

Necklace : Point Rope Necklace from [glow] Studio (Creator: Jocelyn Anatine) at TDR Fusion

Bracelet: Belts Black from JD (Creator: davidefre) at TDR Fusion

Shoes:  CHANDEL from TARAshoes (Creator: May Vayandar)

Friday, August 2, 2013

60 - ILAYA

Here i go again, back from moving rl !

Skin: KiKi from IT GIRLS (Creator: Annie Jolifaunt)

Shape: Crystal from IT GIRLS (Creator: Annie Jolifaunt)

Makeup & Lipstick : KiKi Summer from IT GIRLS (Creator: Annie Jolifaunt)

Hair: Hair 22/Light Chestnut from Eaters Coma (Creator: kumii yoshikawa)

Tattoo: Family first tattoo from [ZENTRO] (Creator: Chrome Midal) at SHE & HIM AUGUST EVENT

Dress: Rose Tank -Dress from ILAYA Marketplace (Creator: Ilaya Allen) at fi*Friday

Necklace: Faith necklace from .Thing (Creator: Nheria)

Bracelets: APOCALYPSE from .:* LOULOU&CO * (Creator: (lolly carlberg) at SL FASHION WEEK

Shoes: CHANDEL from TARAshoes (Creator: May Vayandar)