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Sunday, June 30, 2013


Dress: Dress: Futurist Mesh Dress from ARISKEA (Creator: Diaxm) at SHE & HIM - Coming Soon!!
TKS Diaxm:)

Skin:  Sandra from {Meghindo's}  (Creator: (meghindo romano)

Shape: My own

Eyes: Lucid Eyes - Optimism from IKON (Creator: Ikon Innovia)

Makeup: Catwalk Lines from BlackLiquid (Creator: blackLiquid Tokyoska) at Cosmetic Fair Summer Editon

Makeup2: Cat Liner - 009- Hardcore Cat from cStar Limited (Creator: cStarLimited) at Cosmetic Fair Summer Editon

Eyelashes: Shaped Eyelashes from {Meghindo's} (Creator: meghindo romano)

Hair: Jolene from Truth Hair (Creator; Truth Hawks)

Earrings and Bracelet: Kate Collection from J and W Jeweler (Not sure where i got these:( sorry it was in my inventory for a long time)

Watch and some bracelet on my Left arm are from [F]oil called Twist Jades & Stubs Watch and Bracelet Set (Creator; Mrforever)

Tattoos: Fullyflower from Your cocain Marketplace (Creator: Shiana Deed)

Shoes: ERA Hight Heels Silver from TARAshoes

Saturday, June 29, 2013


For the 1st Round 61designers will participate for the Big Opening

Flair for Events presents She & Him, the newest monthly event on the Grid. Offering high quality body enhancements, accessories and clothing for women and men, the Grand Opening will be July 5th at noon SLT. There will be a free gift for group members (both women and men) offered by American Bazaar, who's also generously hosting the venue as well.

A new round of She & Him will start every 5th of the month.
Taxi for She & Him will come soon!


Skin: Fatima II from Swallow (Creator: luciayes magic)

Shape: Grace from [BELISSIMA] (Creator: Cristal Treves)  at SHE & HIM coming soon!!
Tks Cristal:)

Eyes: Lucid Eyes - Optimism from IKON (Creator: Ikon Innovia)

Eyelashes: Shaped Eyelashes from {Meghindo's} (Creator: meghindo romano)

Teeth: Open Mouth Pro from PXL (Creator: Hart Larsson)

Hair: A817 from Tram (Creator: Moca Loup)

Dress: Particuliere Collection Pencil Dress Mustard from MoDANNA (Creator: lisanna lauria) at SHE & HIM coming soon!!
Tks Lisanna:)

Shoes: G-Inspiration Leather set from E-Clipse (Creator: Thetra Blackheart)

Bag: Black Sheep Skin Bag Gold from LC (Group Gift)

Hands: Slink Mesh Hand Casual from Slink (Creator: Siddean Munro)

Ring: Studded Ring from Shade Throne (Creator: Undo hermano) Currently closed look on Marketplace 

Choker and Earrings: Ralph from [F]oil (Creator: Mr Forever)

Monday, June 24, 2013


Bikini: Bow wow Top Red with Lolas! & MESH Pareo skirt Red from American Bazaar (Creator: Missqwerty Pevensey) @ Boobies Show June Edition  NEW
start June 21th at 11AM
lolas top: 105L each
mesh pareo 99L

Hair: Scarlett from DeLa (Creator: Kuranosuke Kamachi)

Flower in hair: Deadly rose hair flower from artilleri

Sunglasses: Holly Mesh Diamonds on black feline glasses from HollyHood (Creator: Teekie) at Fi*Friday

Eyes: Pearl 0- Clear Pond from Poetic Colors (Creator: Lano Ling) Gift

Necklace: MESH Seaside Necklace from DECO (Creator: Orchid Zenovka)

Bag: Marine Trico Bag from ASO! (Creator: menieelee gelles) at The Arcade

Feet: Sensation Barefeet Black from Tara Shoes (Creator: May Vayandar)

(If i don't detailed all my look its because you'll find them in previous post i did)

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Bikini: Bikini Bandeau from ILAYA  Marketplace  (Creator: ilaya allen) for Fi*Friday NEW
Tks Ilaya:)

Hat: Sunhat from Yummy (creator: Polyester Partridge) at Summerfest

Necklace: Toni Necklace from LaGyo (Creator: gyorgyna larnia)  at TDR

Glasses: Stefania Shades from [glow] Studio (Creator: Inka Demina) at TDR

Bag: Clear Tote Bag from COCO (Creator: cocoro Lemon) COCO previous group gift

Shoes: Holly Mesh Yellow Native Wedge Sandles from HollyHood (Creator: teekie) at Cosmopolitan Club & Lounge Mall & Sale Room

Hair: Dolce from DeLa (Creator: Kuranosuke Kamachi)

Teeth: Open Mouth PRO Teeth from [PXL] (Creator: Hart Larsson)

Skin: Skin:Trina from {Meghindo's}  (Creator: (meghindo romano)

Eyes: PC eyes - Blue Autumn - Previous Freebie from Poetic Colors (Creator: Lano Ling)

Friday, June 21, 2013


Dress: Snow Puff Dress from TAXI TAXI Marketplace (Creator: TaxiTaxiTaxi) NEW
TY Taxi!

Shoes: True Love from BSD Design Studio (Creator: BabyChampagne Sass) at SL Fashion Week

Skin: Femme Fatale Bisquit from Al Vulo (Creator: Hlin Bluebird)

Hair: Fiona II from [kik]  (Creator: as001 Littlething)

Glasses: Paradise Sunglasses from Le Primitif (Creator: yani tryce) at Fi*Friday

Earrings and Bracelet: Craving to Summer From Bens Beauty (Creator: Snow Martiel) at Fi*Friday

Necklace: Cross Necklace from Bens Beauty (Creator: Snow Martiel) at Fi*Friday

Monday, June 17, 2013


                                           Merci a tout les createurs pour Excuse My French Hunt

Skin: Sura Geisha from [KF] Skin (Creator: Kako Denimore) for Excuse My French Hunt

Shape: Gabriela from Le Poppycock (Creator: Olivia Lalonde)

Eyes: Hunt Eyes from Inkaddict Design for Excuse My French Hunt

nails: Exclu Excuse my french hunt Mesh Fingernail by  JAMMAN JEWELS AND NAILS (Creator: Jamman) for Excuse My French Hunt

Tattoo: French Hunt Woman from Tattoo Paradise (Creator: 0claudia0 novaland) for Exuse My French Hunt

Dress: Dessine-moi Paris from Topazia (Creator:  (nathalia topaz) for Exuse My French Hunt

Shoes: Part of St Tropez Outfits from [SAKIDE] (Creator: kinu mayako) for Excuse My French Hunt

Hair: Gloria from LeLutka (Creator; Thora Charron)

Ombrelle from Le Poppycock (Creator: Olivia Lalonde) for Excuse My French Hunt

Sunday, June 16, 2013

39 American Bazaar for Excuse My French Hunt

Skin: Gaia from WoW Skins (Creator: sawsan secretspy)

TOP: Marin with Lolas from American Bazaar (Creator: Missqwerty Pevensey) for Excuse My French Hunt startin June 15th
Tks Missy :)

Shorts: MESH Boho Short from American Bazaar (Creator: Missqwerty Pevensey)

Sandals: Irene Sandals Black from Energie (Creator: Allegra Quartz)
Tks Allegra :)

Hair: Tomoko from D!va (Creator: Marisa Kira)

Friday, June 14, 2013


Skin: Skin:Trina from {Meghindo's}  (Creator: (meghindo romano)

Dress: Maxi Dress Dot (Creator: (Creator: ilaya allen) from Ilaya  Marketplace NEW! at Stuff  in Stock Dicount Event!
Tks Ilaya:)

Hair: That Pretty Lady (Creator: Bubbles Clawtooth) from Clawtooth at The Arcade

Jewellry: Earrings, Necklace and bracelet My Squared Diams Set from La Penderie de Nicole (Creator: Marcopol Oh)

Clutch: My Sequin Clutch from La Penderie de Nicole (Creator: Marcopol Oh)

Right Hand ring: The Life Ring from [7891] (Creator: L3ifhL33)

Left Hand ring: Athena solitair Ring from Bens Beauty (Creator: Snow Martiel)

Shoes: DORO from Redgrave (Creator: Emilia Redgrave)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Skin:Trina from {Meghindo's}  (Creator: (meghindo romano)

Hair: Hair 28 from [Iruco] (Creator: Luco Veeper)

Dress: Rawr Dress Polka comes with Gartered Stockings from Rack City (Creator: Nicole Benusconi) at WCME
Tks Nicole:)

Earrings: Pyramid from MONS (Creator: Ekilem Melodie) at TDR

Necklace: Tarifa from MG (Creator: Maxi Gossamer)

Watch: Boyfriend's Watch from [glow] studio (Creator: Jocelyn Anatine)

Glasses: Cat's Meow Glasses from DECO group gift feb 2011 (Creator: Orchid Zenovka)

Shoes: Ultraplatform Noir Intense from N-core (Creator: Claire Messenger)

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Skin: Wednesday II - Magentic GB from Essences (Creator: Inka mexicola) at TDR

Hair: Wait from Magika (Creator: Sabina Gully)

Dress: Slippe3d Dress Summer Heights from [TAXI TAXI] Marketplace (Creator: TaxiTaxiTaxi)

Shoes: CP Shoe OMBRE from [TAXI TAXI]  Marketplace (Creator: TaxiTaxiTAxi) NEW

Bag: TAKE OUT TOTE from [TAXI TAXI]   Marketplace (Creator: TaxiTaxiTaxi) NEW

Necklace: Multi - Cross Necklace from Cute Poison (Creator: Sae Luan)  at SL Fashion Week

Pose & Props: Blind from Glitterati (Creator: Katey Coppola)

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Skin: Poppi-Love Bites (Brownie)  from [theSkinnery] (Creator: umazuma metaluna) at The Arcade

Hair: EFFECT hair from LeLutka (Creator: Thora Charron)

Dress: Politics Dress Lime and Apple from [TAXI TAXI] Marketplace (Creator: TaxiTaxiTaxi) NEW
Tks Taxi :)

Necklace: Part color chain necklace from [ glow ] studio (Creator: (jocelyn.anatine) at TDR

Earrings: Gia Earrings Gold from Pure Poison (Creator: Shaleene Kenin) at fi*Friday

Bracelet: Owl bracelet gold from erratic (Creator: erratic.rain)

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Pose:  Savannah from Purple Poses (Creator: (audrey guter) at WCME
Tks Audrey::)

Shape: Clementine from [BELISSIMA]-SHAPE (Creator: Cristal Treves) at WCME
Tks Cristal:)

Top: Bicolor Red from LE FORME (Creator: louise marsault at WCME
Tks Louise:)

Skirt, gloves, Fishnet sock, Tiara part of Dirty Dolls Outfit  from NS (Creator: nani soulstar) at WCME
Tks nani :)

Skin:Trina from {Meghindo's}  (Creator: (meghindo romano)

Hair: The 2nd year Anniversay Hair from Dura (Creator: chiaki.xue)

Nails: Zip Nails from SCRUB (Creator: ramon Jonstone)

Necklace: Wanderer part of a Jewellery Set by League (Creator: Nena Janus)

Bracelets : French Kiss from LOULOU&CO (Creator: lolly carlberg)

Shoes: Ibiza Glossy Black from YS & YS (Creator: monyka benelli)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


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Skin: Skin: Trina from {Meghindo's}  (Creator: (meghindo romano)

Eyes: Thunder - Attack Eyes from Dead Apples (Creator: Soleil Reid) at The Arcade

Hair: Mesh Bella Hair Style from CaTwA (Creator: Catwa clip)

Necklace: Ribbon Necklace from Pure Poison (Creator: Shaleene Kenin) Subscriber Gift

Top: Bling Top Brown with Lolas! Tango applier from American Bazaar (Creator: missqwerty Pevensey)

Skirt: MESH Summer Skirt Bronze Satin  from American Bazaar (Creator: missqwerty Pevensey)
AB @ Numberology
6 MESH skirts
105L each
Tks Missy!

Boots: Envy boots - Snake Skin from Razor (Creator: Kehl Razor) at WCME

Bag: Fashion Blogger Bag from BSD Design Studio (Creator: BabyChampagne Sass) at WCME
Tks BabyChampagne!

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Skin: Sandra from {Meghindo's}  (Creator: (meghindo romano)

Hair: KARRUECHE Updo Bun from N D Store (Creator: Naomie Dirval)

Makeup: Hippie Makeups - eyeliner from MONS (Creator: Ekilem Melodie)

Dress: Mesh Bow Mini from AMERICAN BAZAAR (Creator:Missqwerty Pevensey) @ SUMMER FESTIVAL
starts May 30th
Mesh dresses available in 4 colors
Only 95L each!
Tks Missy

Shoes: CP Shoe - Past Glory from  [TAXI TAXI] Marketplace (Creator: TaxiTaxiTaxi)
Tks Taxi 

Necklace & Earrings: Ralph Choker and Gems Set from [F]oil (Creator: mrforever)

Bracelets: Gold Sky Watch and Bracelet Set  from [F]oil (Creator: mrforever)

Ankle Bracelets: Ankle Gear Gold from [7891.] (Creator:  l3ighl33)