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Thursday, June 6, 2013


Pose:  Savannah from Purple Poses (Creator: (audrey guter) at WCME
Tks Audrey::)

Shape: Clementine from [BELISSIMA]-SHAPE (Creator: Cristal Treves) at WCME
Tks Cristal:)

Top: Bicolor Red from LE FORME (Creator: louise marsault at WCME
Tks Louise:)

Skirt, gloves, Fishnet sock, Tiara part of Dirty Dolls Outfit  from NS (Creator: nani soulstar) at WCME
Tks nani :)

Skin:Trina from {Meghindo's}  (Creator: (meghindo romano)

Hair: The 2nd year Anniversay Hair from Dura (Creator: chiaki.xue)

Nails: Zip Nails from SCRUB (Creator: ramon Jonstone)

Necklace: Wanderer part of a Jewellery Set by League (Creator: Nena Janus)

Bracelets : French Kiss from LOULOU&CO (Creator: lolly carlberg)

Shoes: Ibiza Glossy Black from YS & YS (Creator: monyka benelli)

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